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In the heart of Leesburg, Virginia, home buyers can expect a rare treat: stylish homes provide the perfect backdrop for the city's vibrant downtown. The city is also home to Route 7, a private toll road that connects the Virginia State Line to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and is located directly opposite Virginia's capital, Richmond. Major highways serving Leeburg include Route 1, Route 6 and Route 5, as well as Route 3 and I-95.

SR 267 is also a toll road and runs south of the Dulles Greenway to Leesburg and ends at the Virginia State Line on Route 7, north of Interstate 95.

US 15 comes from the southwest via King Street to Leesburg and then rejoins the "Leesburg Bypass" southeast of downtown. The US 15 resumes the bypass at the northeastern end of the city, which leads to Maryland. SR 7 enters Leesburgh from Market Street and immediately joins the Leedsburg Bypass after driving southwest through the city center, and then back to King Street before returning to King Street to the east, with The Bypass remaining at the northeast end of the city. The cemetery is surrounded by dense trees, with the cemetery itself to the west and the burial sites and cemetery to the north.

The square on the east side of the site contains several structures painted in the style of a Washington and Old Dominion Railroad station that served the city until 1968. The White Ferry was operated by the last 100 cable ferries that operated on and around the Potomac between Maryland and Virginia, and the remaining ferry carries its original name, the Leesburg Ferry, in honor of its owner, George White.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to the success of our legal and business services organization and the surrounding regions of Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. Our concept of responsiveness includes a strong focus on diversity and inclusion in the legal, business and service organizations around our office in Leesburg, Virginia. We have a large and growing office with over 1,000 employees and over 2,500 square meters of office space. The area is surrounded by a number of high-quality office buildings, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops and other shops.

The city's main drainage channels are Tuscarora, also known as Town Branch, and the city's main drainage channels are the Leesburg River, the Potomac River (also known as Central Park in Loudoun County) and the James River in Fairfax County. There are a number of parks in the area, as well as a variety of public and private parks and paths.

The nation's capital is only 45 minutes away from the venue, so your group will remember the sightseeing for a long time. Drive a few miles north of downtown and don't miss the Oatlands Historic House and Gardens, which offers a self-guided tour of the historic Leesburg Historic District and its gardens. Head a few hours north from the city centre to the city's main shopping mall, the National Mall, and you won't miss the city with its historic houses and gardens, as well as a variety of public parks and paths. Drive a few miles North of downtown and Donohue Park in Loudoun County, or donat miss them for their historic home and garden.

Residents of River Pointe Estates will find a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options downtown, as well as a variety of parks and public parks in Loudoun County.

Ball Bluff Battlefield National Cemetery offers a sacred itinerary that includes other registered historic sites along Route 15 in Virginia's Piedmont. The area is donated to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority as part of a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Finally, the future park will provide a public parking area adjacent to Battlefield Ball Bluffs and will be connected to other public parking spaces. In the heart of Pointe Estates, south of Leesburg, Virginia, is BallBluff National Cemetery, where the remains of 54 Union soldiers who died during the nearby Battle of Ball's Bluffs in 1861 lie.

Also included is Cattail Ordinary, one of the oldest buildings in Loudoun County, built in 1740 and preserved as a place of history. The Rust House in Leesburg is also the first house of the US Army Corps of Engineers in Virginia. Virginia's most famous family lives in a house at 113 East Cornwall Street, which (if required) was named after its owner, William Rust. Ida Lee spent her married life in Rockland, but her son built a house at 113 East Corners Street in Leesburgh for her and her husband, Robert E. Lee, who lived in the house his son built for the rest of his life.

The Leesburg Arts and Culture District, which includes King's Market and Loudoun Street, and the historic Old Town District. It houses many of the district's historic buildings and is fiercely courted by locals for its distinctive historical character and authenticity. The art and culture district of Leeburg with its historic houses and historical landmarks and its lively art scene.

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More About Leesburg