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Welcome to VA Good Luck Cellars, a family-owned business in Leesburg, VA that houses some of the best wines in the country. We share the beauty of Virginia wine by connecting Virginia wineries, businesses and consumers in a creative and interesting way. La Grange winery, where the history of wine is as rich as it is rich in bees. Weddings and engagements in the Pearmund cellar, the first of its kind in the region, with wine tasting and wine cellar on site.

The annual flower and garden show attracts thousands of visitors and we have a full service restaurant, wine tasting room and wine cellar. Contact Paw Pearmund Cellars is located in Leesburg, VA, just a short drive from VA Good Luck Celler.

They are open seven days a week and tours of government buildings are an easy drive away. Of course, our proximity to D.C. also means trips to museums like the Smithsonian. Those who want to avoid traffic can go all the way to Leesburg on the commuter bus or take the Loudon County Transit shuttle bus that runs in the fall.

The dining room in the house has romantic corners with romantic lighting, the terrace and upper deck are open in the warmer months, and the tasting room is dog friendly. Pearmund Cellars is a great place to do a tasting, buy a bottle and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The wood-lined tasting rooms are dog friendly and tastings are cheap (just $5 per person), so it's a great place for a date! The wine bar, run by one of Leesburg's leading winemakers (and some of the region's other breweries), is also perfect for a day out with family and friends.

The tasting room in the manor house has existed since the 1790s and there are only a lot of things to discover while visiting the winery. Learn more about the history of Leesburg and what you can learn by visiting our guide, which is just a short drive from the capital of nations.

Stay at the popular Cobbler Mountain Cellars hotel near the Mediterranean Cellars in Warrenton or stay at the Mediterranean Hotel in Leesburg. Save the public space of the city and its famous wineries and winemaking by staying closer to the Cobblers Mountain Cellarages.

Broad Run, VA Tripadvisor has received positive reviews for the Pearmund Cellars Hotel and Cobbler Mountain Cellarages Hotel in Leesburg.

When Thomas Jefferson and the Italian Filippo Mazzei planted the vineyard in 1774, they chose Pearmund Cellars because of its proximity to the city of Leesburg and its history. The Pear Edmund Cameo Program is a series of rose wines named after influential Virginia women who have played a role in history, and named after the most influential Virginia women of the past 50 years, from Martha Washington to Shenandoah Vineyard founder Emma Randel.

The village, surrounded by farms and a mile-long white fence, offers upscale shops selling everything from clothing, jewelry, furniture, home furnishings, clothing and accessories to food and wine. The city borders the Highway 15 corridor, known for its scenic views of the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the Leesburg River.

History buffs will appreciate how preserving objects and architecture in this part of the country can broaden our understanding of our founding fathers. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, dates back to the early American events that will delight history buffs.

A visit to Leesburg invites you to reflect on how the region's natural resources have shaped the country and its identity. Leeburg is a worthwhile destination for all those who want to explore the beautiful landscape at all four seasons and preserve architectural wonders for future generations. Leeburg is a worthwhile destination to explore and explore, as well as to preserve and preserve as much as possible of what has been created here for subsequent generations.

Visit the Loudon County Visitors Center in Leesburg to get your bearings on the wineries and their upcoming events. Let the staff help you design the perfect wine tour and take care of all the details, including the wine list, wine tasting, tasting room and guide. Broad Run route planner helps you personalize your travel plans and makes visiting the cellar as easy as possible. We have routes for you to help you plan your best Virginia vacation yet, so let our staff guide you every step of the way.

A fine example of the state's architecture, the mansion is open seven days a week from March to December for guided tours. Visit the well-preserved plantation, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the US Department of Agriculture's National Historic Landmarks List.

Unfortunately, visiting a winery can also lead to bad behavior, and if visitors drop by at one of the above-mentioned wineries, they can buy a pass for a tasting for $20, which is good for a glass of wine or two glasses of beer. Pearl Cellars, meanwhile, requires guests to buy a $50 gift card on or before April 10, 2018.

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