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Located in the heart of historic Winchester, VA, the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum is a great place for Northern Virginia families to visit. With a walkable downtown, surrounded by a pastoral landscape and historical sites, it offers a wide range of restaurants and shopping. If you're planning a getaway to Leesburg, you'll find many great restaurants, shops and attractions, as well as a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, fishing or drinking in NorthernVirginia's wine country.

If you want to take an hour's break or spend the day on the grounds, Manassas Battlefield Park is the perfect destination for all Civil War enthusiasts you want. The museum also houses artifacts that will fascinate any history buff. It is located next to other historically significant places where soldiers, politicians, writers and many others lived and lived, as well as a number of historic buildings.

Leesburg, Virginia has been the center of Loudoun County government for over 250 years, and this monument at Arlington National Cemetery highlights the life and death of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. There is also a memorial to fallen Sergeant Clinton Hatcher, who, although not buried here, is next to the cemetery. Visit Loudoun's County Court Square to learn more about the rebels "perfect nest of mockery that the Union encountered when they invaded Leeburg in 1862. Daring partisan raiders transformed most of Fairfax County into what is known as Mosby's Confederacy. Ewell distinguished himself as one of the most famous Confederate generals of his time, and the museum houses artifacts associated with that Confederate steadfastness.

Lesburg, named after Robert E. Lee, a Confederate Army general, has a long history as home to many of the county's famous families. Stratford Hall is the main building from 1725, which houses the Lees, the Lee family (RobertE.Lee was born here), the Ewell family and many others.

The property is also known as the Virginia Historic Landmark and is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The building is designated Virginia's State Historical Landmarks and is on both the National Register and Historic Sites as well as the Virginia State Register.

The Naturalist's Center offers visitors the opportunity to gain experience with the collection and conduct research similar to that of Smithsonian scientists. Throughout the year, January is a time for a variety of special events, such as the annual Natural History Museum Day.

At the Draper Spark Lab at the National Museum of American History, young museum visitors ages 6 to 12 become inventors. The Smithsonian Museum - affiliated to the museum - also has a special exhibition on the history of the space shuttle program, commemorating innovators in the air and space. Rius (pronounced "curious") is an interactive learning space that goes in and out of the scene. It has three museums, including a living Civil War exhibition, a Museum of Science, Technology, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) and a Children's Museum.

Guided tours include a visit to the Museum of Science, Technology and Mathematics (MSTEM) and the Children's Museum, as well as a visit to the Museum's Science Center.

See the art at the Cooley Gallery, pick up some local souvenirs at the Very Virginia Shop, and visit the museum's Education Center to see a fascinating selection of Mount Vernon artifacts and learn more about George Washington. A 45-minute guided tour of the three museums starts in the basement of the visitor centre inside the manor house. Enjoy the rest of this national landmark by exploring the grounds, visiting the outbuildings and, of course, making a final stop at the shops of each museum.

The Confederate White House Museum includes three locations that include the American Civil War Museum. Step back in time and discover the role the Fairfax Station Museum played in the Civil War and its aftermath.

The museum seeks to educate and engage people of all ages by developing detailed exhibits on the history of the Marine Corps. The museum, located in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, focuses on the history and prehistory of Alexandria, beginning 13,000 years ago with Indian tools and pottery.

The museum promotes public understanding of hounds by trying to acquire important and valuable artifacts before they are lost, developing educational exhibits and providing access to the museum's collection of more than 2,000 artifacts. The park also houses a number of other museums, including the Museum of Natural History and the National Park Service Museum. All three museums can be visited for free, just to absorb them, as they reopen for the season on March 2.

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Arlington National Cemetery is a must-visit for day trippers and locals, and the site is located in the heart of Leesburg, a short drive from downtown. Don't miss the Local Heroes Memorial, which commemorates the fallen of the First World War to this day. This place is located at the intersection of Arlington Road and Virginia Avenue, in front of Arlington National Park.

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More About Leesburg