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If you're in Leesburg, Virginia, a quick visit to one of the city's most popular restaurants, Lightfoot's, is the best choice. Easy footpaths are known to occupy the former site of a former grocery store on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue.

The friendly and helpful service that warms this Strip Mall restaurant serves its staples and a wide variety of food. The menu is extensive and caters to all tastes; I prefer the Brentwood salad and the juicy burger, but I love the tusk leg with bacon, potatoes and hay, and I always like crab pies and meat dishes. Of course there's the classic fried chicken, the chicken with waffles or the hot dogs and burgers. And of course it is all-pervasive The style that has been imitated by top chefs in recent years.

Click here to see all Leesburg restaurants offering roadside delivery options. To continue supporting the local gastronomy, please let me know if there are any other restaurants that can be added to this list or if you are going out in Leeburg!

Guests can place their order online via our website at 703 - 723 - 3466 or call us at 704 - 567 - 4357. Take the phone in your hand and you will receive a voucher and we will also send you a gift card!

Our online shop will remain open and guests can buy pre-packed beer and wine when ordering in-store. We offer a wide selection of food and beverages as well as a wide selection of craft beers, wines and spirits. The Littles entertain us with their favorite games, toys, games and activities, cookie baking sets, cookies, sweets, snacks and more.

We have now put together a special offer where if you can drive to our Ashburn or Middleburg location, you will receive discounted tickets to one of our special events, such as the Virginia Wine & Beer Festival, where we invite you to shop for discounts on beer, wine, spirits and food. You can order our award-winning beers online and we'll put them in your car.

The taco platter is fresh and tasty, but those with a more adventurous palette may prefer the tongue-in-cheek tilapia combo at El Macho. The prices for a "Mexican spot" are a bit high, but the price is undercut by the quality of the food and the variety of options available. Senor Ramon and Jose Jose's tacos are my favourites, and I met Barrett who said the tacos and platters were fresh and delicious. It's just before 12.30 and they offer dinner to go, as well as a selection of beers and wines and a selection of wines and spirits.

Whether you order a whole cake or a sample of slices, it would make a sweet very happy if you were to join the cookie collection. Getting a Graham cracker crust peeled into a lime pie is a pro move, but if you order whole cakes or try slices, it's worth it.

The atmosphere could not be better for large groups, especially children, and the prices are always reasonable. The food, the room, the wine, the service and everything together is a wonderful excuse to go to the forest.

If you don't fancy having a conversation about faith in between, no one would accuse you of skipping THC and settling for the brilliant place just a stone's throw away. In the area, however, you should definitely visit Lebanon, which is even closer to La Estacion. Head to Blue Ridge, hike to Ball Bluff Battlefield or linger for a moderate and comfortable dinner. You can even get a gravy train here in Loudoun County to drive with as long as you go out and hike.

Here you will find the surrounding farms, and here it is where the menu from farm to table fits in pretty much every cliché. Here guests can get to know the people, put on shirts bearing the name of the farm and pick up local products. It is the perfect place to serve some of the best local dishes in Loudoun County, as well as great beer and wine.

We love the bright interior and appreciate that there are many outdoor tables on a sunny day. After eating Kabobs, Shawarma and Hummus, separate stalls and tables make your visit pleasantly private for a group. We found the busy white tablecloth very pleasant, but once you are swallowed up, the commotion retreats and guests can enjoy food and cocktails at our table surrounded by a boules court. It is just a ticket for multi-generational groups and we were happy to move from the Hubbub to our outdoor terrace and enjoy the sunnier days at the outdoor table.

Tios is Tuscarora, housed in an old brick building in the heart of downtown Leesburg, just a few blocks from downtown. Tucked away in a small corner of the building at the intersection of South Main Street and West Broad Street, Los Tios serves authentic flavored Tex-Mex food and Salvadoran cocktails.

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