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The fall season is here and autumn offers a wealth of attractions and activities in Leesburg, Virginia. Find out what this Leeburger getaway is all about and drink in Northern Virginia's wine country. The town is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just a few miles from the Virginia-North Carolina border. Enjoy wine in a historic pre-Civil War red barn and outdoor picnic tables offer views of the distant Blue First Mountains.

Major highways serving Leesburg include the Virginia-North Carolina border and the Blue Ridge Expressway and Interstate 95. The city is also located on a private toll road that connects the city with Virginia's largest city, Richmond, Virginia, and the rest of Northern Virginia.

The Wine Route, while unpaved and rocky, is easy to navigate and offers a relaxing view of the Virginia countryside. It's recommended to take a scenic tour that includes a chance to visit the wineries and take a ride on the Potomac Jubal A. Street mountain bike to explore the property, which is crossed by a Potomac Heritage Trail. Other hiking trails include a forest walk along the river, a forest trail and a bike ride through an old, growing forest.

Whatever you do at the Evergreen Sportsplex, enjoy all the sights and tastes this part of Virginia has to offer. If you don't take the time to visit the nation's capital during the game, there's still plenty to see and do in Leesburg. Fun follows fun, with more fun things to do, places to drink and sightseeing, and a list of attractions in the area. For more information about hotels, restaurants, shopping, restaurants and entertainment, visit GetawayMavens.com.

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Located on Catoctin Ridge, the views from the picnic spot are magnificent and its location on the road makes you feel much further away from civilization than you really are. When Woodstock, Edinburgh and New Market are connected on US 11, it feels like driving through the old town of Leesburg, where Confederate flags still fly from the porches.

Walk around the area and continue to admire the signs that characterize downtown Leesburg, with its historic facades and houses. The square on the east side of the site contains several structures that were removed after the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad station, which served the city until 1968.

The property is also known as the Virginia Historic Landmark and is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. There is also a memorial to fallen Confederate Sergeant Clinton Hatcher, who is not buried here but is next to the cemetery. Leesburg is also home to a number of other historic buildings, including the Old Dominion Hotel and the old Virginia State House, located on the corner of North Main Street and South Street.

Enjoy this 67-acre park on the eastern edge of Leesburg with a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking and picnics. It is located at the intersection of North Main Street and South Street, just north of the Old Dominion Hotel.

The city is located near Washington, D.C., where it has largely become a commuter suburb. It is concentrated along the Potomac River, which roughly matches and runs parallel to the Winchester River in the west and Alexandria River in the east.

The Dulles Greenway connects the airport on the outskirts of Leesburg to the freeway, and SR 267 enters Leeburg south of the Dulles Greenways and terminates at the Virginia State Line's Dullsville - Arlington International Airport (DART).

The city is in the Potomac Valley, so there is some relief, but it is in an area known as Piedmont. SR 7 enters Leesburg west of Marktstraße and immediately joins the Leedburg bypass, which passes southwest of downtown. No mention is required for this stretch of road, which connects to the Dulles Greenway and the Virginia State Line.

But most D.C. day-trippers don't want to be too far from Leesburg, and farther west in Loudoun there are fabulous wineries. Follow the scenic drive suggested above to visit the Virginia State Line, Dulles Greenway or Lost Valley Trail, but a Leedburg trip would not be complete without a visit to one of the state's most popular wine regions, Virginia Wine Country.

Get some local souvenirs at the Very Virginia Shop, see art at Cooley's Gallery, and visit the Virginia State Museum for discounts and special offers, as well as the Museum of Natural History and the National Archives.

More About Leesburg

More About Leesburg