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Washington, D.C., has long been a popular tourist destination for many of its residents and visitors. The city is located on the eastern edge of Washington, DC, and has become a commuter suburb to a large extent. It is also home to the Dulles Greenway, which connects the airport to the outskirts of Leesburg, and a private toll road that connects the city to Virginia's largest city, Fairfax County, Virginia, which is just a few miles away.

Major highways serving Leesburg include SR-267, Dulles Greenway and Virginia State Route 267, as well as a number of private roads. SR 267 is also a toll road and leads south of the Loudoun County Courthouse to Leeburg and ends in Fairfax County, Virginia, just a few miles from the airport.

US-15 Coming from the Southwest, follow King Street to Leesburg and then join the Leesburg Bypass, which passes southeast of downtown. SR-7 enter Leeburg west of Market Street and immediately join the LeESburg bypass after passing southwest of downtown, then turn back to King Street at the northeast end of the city, which leads to Maryland.

This bike tour starts at the Red Rock Wilderness Overlook and takes you through the city to experience the rich history of the area. Follow the scenic drive suggested above to visit the Leesburg Historic District and the Lost Locks of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit the preserved plantations on the Virginia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection's list of historic landmarks. Other hiking trails include a forest walk through the woods, a trail to the Old Man River Trail and a bike ride along the river.

Lesburg is also home to the Virginia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection's Blue Ridge National Wildlife Refuge. Leesburgh is also a popular destination for the Appalachian Trail, Blue Mountain Trail and Old Man River Trail.

Head a few miles north of downtown to the Loudon County Visitors Center in Leesburg to get your bearings on the wineries and their upcoming events. Check out Virginia Wine Pocket, a website and app, and let the staff help you design the perfect wine tour. Don't miss Oatlands Historic House and Gardens, which offers a self-guided tour of the historic house and gardens, as well as a tasting room. A guide published by the Virginia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection (VNRP) provides information about the city's attractions and surrounding attractions, including O atlands Plantation and Morven Park.

Guests can enjoy everything from a tour to a tasting and spend the afternoon with a full day selection of crispy bread and creamy cheese while overlooking the beautiful Northern Vigolese countryside. Enjoy wine in a historic pre-Civil War red barn, and outdoor picnic tables offer views of the distant Blue Ridge Mountains. There is plenty to do in Leesburg, whether you visit the old courthouse, shop at various retail stores, or sample local restaurants. A must-see is the Leeburger Antiques Museum, which houses a wide selection of antiques, furniture, clothing, accessories and other items from around the world.

The Rust family home is located in Leesburg and was built in 1740, but the most famous family in Virginia occupied it for so long that it was named one of the most influential families in Virginia history (required). Ida Lee spent her married life in Rockland and lived the rest of her life in a house her son had built at 113 East Cornwall Street, Leeburger.

Lesburg has become a bedroom community for Washington, D.C., but still retains some of its original historical charm. Of course, being close to D, C means a trip to the Smithsonian Museum, but tours of government buildings are an easy drive away.

A stay in Leesburg would not be complete without a visit to one of the many wineries in the area, such as the Blue Ridge Winery. We recommend the tour, which offers the opportunity to visit the winery, and which will take you on a drive along the Potomac and Jubal A.

See the art at the Cooley Gallery, pick up some local souvenirs at the Very Virginia Shop or visit the local grocery store, Leesburg Market, for discounts and deals on everything from groceries to clothing and accessories.

Lesburg is covered by all major television and radio stations and is part of the media market in Washington, D.C., but stations from Baltimore, Frederick and Winchester are also readily available. Find out what's up with this Leesberg weekend and follow Fun on Facebook for more fun things to do, places to drink and visits to the area. A visit to Virginia's wine country will surely impress any wine lover, and the wines of Northern Virginia can be enjoyed in any season, even in the winter months.

Lesburg is a worthwhile place to explore the beautiful landscape in all four seasons and to preserve architectural wonders for future generations. Even if history is not your thing, the location with the dramatic view of the Potomac and the beautiful view of the river make it worth a visit. Enjoy the 67-acre park on the eastern edge of Leesberg and explore the historic sites on its property, which is crossed by the Potomac Heritage Trail. For those who want to explore the property and its many paths and the park itself, roads and mountain bikes are available.

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More About Leesburg